Rosie Guerrido
Executive Secretary, ESC 

Abymari Negron
Bookkeeper, Virtual School 

Zeynep Thomas
Paraprofessional, Longwood ES 

Stacyann Moncrieffe
Bookkeeper, ESC 

Parent Questions & Concerns

8. I can’t get an updated driver’s license ….what do I do?
     a. Provide other state-recognized documents with a picture. If this is for enrollment, start the enrollment. If this is for a computer, we will try to access Skyward with other information.

9. My child’s school is shut down in the state that I am leaving, I cannot get records.
     a. Start the enrollment. We will get records when they are available.

10. Why are we not enforcing the 6 ft. distance when in line to get computers?
     a. We are doing our best and will continue to try to do so. We have procedures in place to facilitate social distancing and encourage all families to follow CDC guidelines.

11. What if Spectrum does not service our area in Geneva?
     a. Use your phone hotspot. If this is for a teacher, they can make arrangements with the principal to go to the campus. If this is for a parent/student, they can make arrangements with the principal to go to the campus. Parents are expected to stay with students.

12. Are they handing out packets of work to the students as they pick up their meals?
     a. Yes, just for the At-Home learning program, which is the week of March 23rd-March 27th. There are no district paper resources being provided beginning the week of March 30th- April 14th. Currently we are working towards students returning on April 15th.

13. Will we still have K Round Up on April 7th at the schools? If so, can it be by appointment only?
     a. We are moving towards on-line registration for K round-up. Further details will be shared asap.

14. Is the DMV open to get a FL driver’s license?
     a. Jill checked and yes they are.

15. Are parents still allowed to enroll at the school sites?
     a. Yes. We will notify you should that change.


CLICK HERE to view Conditions for Returning to School

Julie Dellarco
Paraprofessional, Lake Mary ES



Vice President


Seminole Clerical Association (SECA) is the certified bargaining agent which represents clerical/asst teacher-based employees in Seminole County.  SECA is the recognized bargaining agent for Assistant Teachers, Clerical Personnel, Paraprofessionals, etc.  Each building or cost center has one or more Faculty Representatives who serve us as the site contact for receiving and distributing information from SECA and answering your questions about SECA.  The SECA Board meets monthly at the Seminole UniServ Office.   Questions or concerns should always be brought first to your Faculty Representative, but if he/she is unable to answer your questions, please contact the Seminole UniServ Office at 407-388-1131 if you any questions or concerns.

Parent Questions & Concerns

 Responses as of 3/25/20
 Recommendation: Please be sure all staff are reading Michael’s communications. Many questions are answered in that document. If staff are not receiving the information, please let me know.

 1. When/where can I pick up a laptop for my student?
     a. High schools will continue to distribute until Friday, 3/27, for free and reduced.
     b. All schools are distributing through the end of this week. This could be extended and we will provide additional information asap.

 2. Can a student not on free and reduced lunch get a laptop?
     a. Yes, go their zoned school.

 3. School hours and access to administration/teachers?
     a. As of today, school hours are the same as prior to spring break.
     b. Beginning 3/30, school hours for families will be from 9:00-3:00. Please don’t share that information until Michael distributes.
     c. Also, the school hours may be impacted should there be a decision to follow Orange County’s plan for shelter in place. Currently there are no plans to do so and we will keep you informed.

 4. Can I enroll / withdraw my child at the school?
     a. Yes for now. We will be expanding on-line registration, hopefully by next week. Withdrawals are still at the schools.

 5. Do the same enrollment requirements apply?
     a. Yes, but Dr. Griffin said use common sense and compassion. If a parent doesn’t have all documents or can’t get them due to medical closures, start the enrollment.

 6. What if I can’t get into a doctor’s office because they are closed (for the physical) and FL immunizations?
     a. Start the enrollment and we’ll deal with the issue when schools are opened for students.

7. What if I am too scared to take my child into the office?
     a. You will be able to use on-line enrollment. If this is for a computer, please work with the principal.

SECA is here to: enable us to speak with a common voice and represent us to the extent the law allows in regard to our wages, hours, benefits, and working conditions;  to support and strengthen our sister state and national organizations as they work for our interests in Tallahassee and Washington D.C.;  to promote cooperation with all groups having interests in improving public schools as places of employment and places of learning;  to encourage you to exercise your rights, privileges, and responsibilities in the Association;  to encourage you to exercise your rights, privileges, and responsibilities as citizens through organized political action;  and to improve educational opportunities for all children in public schools while maximizing opportunities for you as an education support professional.