Seminole Clerical Association (SECA) is the certified bargaining agent which represents clerical/asst teacher-based employees in Seminole County.  SECA is the recognized bargaining agent for Assistant Teachers, Clerical Personnel, Paraprofessionals, etc.  Each building or cost center has one or more Faculty Representatives who serve us as the site contact for receiving and distributing information from SECA and answering your questions about SECA.  The SECA Board meets monthly at the Seminole UniServ Office.   Questions or concerns should always be brought first to your Faculty Representative, but if he/she is unable to answer your questions, please contact the Seminole UniServ Office at 407-388-1131 if you any questions or concerns.

Tina McClory
Bookkeeper, Virtual


SECA contract ratification

Juan Martinez



Vice President

SECA is here to: enable us to speak with a common voice and represent us to the extent the law allows in regard to our wages, hours, benefits, and working conditions;  to support and strengthen our sister state and national organizations as they work for our interests in Tallahassee and Washington D.C.;  to promote cooperation with all groups having interests in improving public schools as places of employment and places of learning;  to encourage you to exercise your rights, privileges, and responsibilities in the Association;  to encourage you to exercise your rights, privileges, and responsibilities as citizens through organized political action;  and to improve educational opportunities for all children in public schools while maximizing opportunities for you as an education support professional.