Anthony Hartsfield
Maintenance Mechanic

Mission Statement
NIPSCO is here to: represent us as we seek to protect and improve our wages, benefits, and working conditions;  to link us with our fellow public school employees throughout Florida and the United States;  to help you protect your rights as an employee and a citizen;  and to keep our schools and equipment safe and sound for the students our school district serves and the employees who work with us.

Why Join NIPSCO?
1. There is strength and safety in numbers.
2. You have professional representation when trouble strikes.
3. Your dues pay for legal representation for work-related problems.
4. You have access to local attorneys for non work-related situations at reduced cost.
5. Management would rather hear one voice than 100 voices.
6. UniServ Staff knows who to contact and how to "get the job done".
7. One million dollars of liability insurance protects you on the job.
8. Answers to your questions are just a phone call away.

About Us
The Non-Instructional Personnel of Seminole County (NIPSCO) represents the maintenance, custodial, and food service employees in Seminole County Public Schools.  NIPSCO is the recognized bargaining agent for these groups of non-instructional staff.  NIPSCO elects a Board of Directors representative of each of the job classifications.  The NIPSCO Board meets monthly at the Seminole UniServ Office.  Membership meetings are held when the Board determines on an as needed basis.  The NIPSCO bargaining unit includes Custodians, Food Service Workers, Maintenance Employees, Bus Mechanics, etc.  Feel free to contact the Seminole UniServ Office for more information.


Vice President


Carlos Crispin
Custodian, Seminole HS

NIPSCO contract ratification

Bruce Washington
Distribution Services, ESC