Your deals as an educator, there are probably three things you can use a little more of: time, resources and money.  We can't create more time for you, but we can offer the resources that will help you maximize your money.

The benefits of being a union member extend beyond the workplace.  AFL-CIO Union Plus benefits help current and retired labor union members and their families save money and support them through major milestones, celebrations, and hardships.

Need a lawyer for an issue that is not related to work?

AFL-CIO offers lawyers that give free consultations.

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There will no longer be a password sent to you with your card. All members must create a new password on the site for security reasons.

You will have 2 methods to accomplish this by receiving an on-screen temporary password or having one emailed to you.



If you put an email address in the field, the temporary password will be sent to the email you provide, or you can omit from putting an email and a temporary password will display immediately on the website screen.

Once the temporary password displays use your mouse cursor to highlight and copy the temporary password; then click the link that takes you back to the login.

Enter your 10-digit membership number found on your Access membership card and paste the temporary password you copied. Once you are logged in you can scroll down the profile page and change your email or password to whatever you wish.

DO NOT KNOW YOUR 4-DIGIT LOCAL NUMBER?  Call 407-388-1131 and speak to Trina or email 

DO NOT KNOW YOUR 10-DIGIT MEMBERSHIP NUMBER?  Call 407-388-1131 and speak to Trina or email

After changing your password, you can scroll to the bottom of the profile page to access the secure pages and member benefits found in the Member’s only portal.