Goldsboro Elementary

Hi, my name is Arkesha Gibson. I have been working for Seminole county for approximately 22 years and I've been a member of SEA for just about the same amount of time. Three adjectives that would best describe me are: dependable, personable, and quick-witted. Please consider me for the position of FEA Delegate 2022.

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Joseph Dalesandro

Lake Howell High School

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Judy Ngying

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My name is Joshua Fogel. I have been teaching in Seminole County for 7 years. Locally, my goal is to increase our membership numbers and benefits.  Nationally, I seek to attract attention to the needs of teachers in Florida and by default, in Seminole County. I will be honored to receive your vote but will continue to advocate for us all regardless of the outcome.

Tina McClory

My name is Judy Ngying, and I am proud to represent you as your Vice President. I would be equally proud to represent you at the NEA Representative Assembly in July and the FEA Delegate Assembly in October. There I will be able to discuss, with state and national leaders, the much needed action that directly impacts our local SEA. 

Please support me in our upcoming elections. Thank you!

I have been teaching in Seminole County for 12 years and I am very passionate about the profession as a whole and working with kids. However, I also am a social sciences teacher and I have taught civics for eight years now. I am always working hard to become more involved in my community, advocating on behalf of public schools to our elected leaders, serving my fellow teachers, my students, and their families.

Locally, I have advocated for ESPs during school board meetings by speaking about our salaries and working conditions. On the state level I have been a member of the ESP Committee and I’m currently involved with contacting government representatives on our salaries, and our rights to belong to our union. Nationally, I graduated from a NEA leadership program.  Currently I am a Member Organizer.

With your vote I can continue to advocate for OUR union.

Josh Fogel

Sandra Maldonado-Ross

Arkesha Gibson

Teacher Exceptional Child
Milwee Middle School

Teacher Exceptional Child
Sanford Middle School

Please vote for me as a NEA & FEA Delegate so I can represent our members at the state & national level. If elected, I would be honored to bring forth our concerns and needs as goals for the upcoming year. Put my experience to work for us and I promise to make our voices heard at our annual meetings. Elect Sandra Maldonado-Ross for a NEA/FEA delegate and you won't be disappointed!

​​​​​​2022 SECA Elections

Speech Language Pathologist
Bear Lake Elementary School

Seminole High School

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​​​​2022 fea/nea assembly

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