Hi, my name is Arkesha Gibson. I have been working for Seminole county for approximately 22 years and I've been a member of SEA for just about the same amount of time. Three adjectives that would best describe me are: dependable, personable, and quick-witted. Please consider me for the position of FEA Delegate 2022.

Josh Fogel

​​​​​2022 SEA Elections

Joseph Dalesandro

Please vote for me as a NEA & FEA Delegate so I can represent our members at the state & national level. If elected, I would be honored to bring forth our concerns and needs as goals for the upcoming year. Put my experience to work for us and I promise to make our voices heard at our annual meetings. Elect Sandra Maldonado-Ross for a NEA/FEA delegate and you won't be disappointed!

​​​​​​2022 SCSBDA Elections

My name is Joshua Fogel. I have been teaching in Seminole County for 7 years. Locally, my goal is to increase our membership numbers and benefits.  Nationally, I seek to attract attention to the needs of teachers in Florida and by default, in Seminole County. I will be honored to receive your vote but will continue to advocate for us all regardless of the outcome.

My name is Judy Ngying, and I am proud to represent you as your Vice President. I would be equally proud to represent you at the NEA Representative Assembly in July and the FEA Delegate Assembly in October. There I will be able to discuss, with state and national leaders, the much needed action that directly impacts our local SEA. 

Please support me in our upcoming elections. Thank you!

Sandra Maldonado-Ross

Lake Howell High School

Arkesha Gibson

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​​​​2022 fea/nea assembly

representative candidates

​​​​​​2022 SECA Elections

Tina McClory

I have been teaching in Seminole County for 12 years and I am very passionate about the profession as a whole and working with kids. However, I also am a social sciences teacher and I have taught civics for eight years now. I am always working hard to become more involved in my community, advocating on behalf of public schools to our elected leaders, serving my fellow teachers, my students, and their families.

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​​​​2022 fea/nea assembly

representative candidates

Seminole High School

Teacher Exceptional Child
Milwee Middle School

Teacher Exceptional Child
Sanford Middle School

Judy Ngying

​​​​​​2022 NIPSCO Elections

Locally, I have advocated for ESPs during school board meetings by speaking about our salaries and working conditions. On the state level I have been a member of the ESP Committee and I’m currently involved with contacting government representatives on our salaries, and our rights to belong to our union. Nationally, I graduated from a NEA leadership program.  Currently I am a Member Organizer.

With your vote I can continue to advocate for OUR union.


Goldsboro Elementary

Speech Language Pathologist
Bear Lake Elementary School