The Seminole UniServ is an umbrella organization which represents the four local associations in the Seminole County Public School system: SEA, NIPSCO, SECA, and the SCSBDA.  Its purpose is to provide members and local associations with the professional staff and necessary support services to implement, improve, and coordinate programs of the Seminole UniServ and its local associations.

My name is Tina McClory and I am currently serving as your Vice President.  I have been a para educator at Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School and union member for 18 years.  While my involvement has been on local, state, and national level my heart is at the local level.  I am excited about meeting you at our socials this year and hearing from you.  My email is  Together we are strong.


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Rosie Guerrido

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Rosie Guerrido

Leila Link

Seminole Educational Clerical Association (SECA)

My name is Leila Link serving as the Treasurer. I am an executive assistant and I work at Transportation Services for the last 10 years. Looking forward to serving all the SECA members!

813 Orienta Avenue ~ Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Phone: 407-388-1131                  Fax: 407-388-0718

SECA is here to: enable us to speak with a common voice and represent us to the extent the law allows in regard to our wages, hours, benefits, and working conditions;  to support and strengthen our sister state and national organizations as they work for our interests in Tallahassee and Washington D.C.;  to promote cooperation with all groups having interests in improving public schools as places of employment and places of learning;  to encourage you to exercise your rights, privileges, and responsibilities in the Association;  to encourage you to exercise your rights, privileges, and responsibilities as citizens through organized political action;  and to improve educational opportunities for all children in public schools while maximizing opportunities for you as an education support professional.

Vice President
Tina McClory

Seminole Clerical Association (SECA) is the certified bargaining agent which represents clerical/asst teacher-based employees in Seminole County.  SECA is the recognized bargaining agent for Assistant Teachers, Clerical Personnel, Paraprofessionals, etc.  Each building or cost center has one or more Faculty Representatives who serve us as the site contact for receiving and distributing information from SECA and answering your questions about SECA.  The SECA Board meets monthly at the Seminole UniServ Office.   Questions or concerns should always be brought first to your Faculty Representative, but if he/she is unable to answer your questions, please contact the Seminole UniServ Office at 407-388-1131 if you any questions or concerns.

My name is Maria Rosie Guerrido and I’m a proud union member for the past 19 years and a clerical employee of Seminole County Public Schools. As your current President I have had the opportunity to represent you at a Local, State and National Level.  My main focus as President is to work hard to build a strong member based unit. We are all important regardless of our positions and experiences. I first became President of Seminole Clerical Association in 2011 and my goal has been and will continue to be to fight for the right for all employees. To work for unity among all four units and find peaceful resolutions between employees and the school board. 

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