The Seminole UniServ is an umbrella organization which represents the four local associations in the Seminole County Public School system: SEA, NIPSCO, SECA, and the SCSBDA.  Its purpose is to provide members and local associations with the professional staff and necessary support services to implement, improve, and coordinate programs of the Seminole UniServ and its local associations.

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Dear Champions of Education,

As we get ready to step into the ring for this new school year, we need to prepare for the many rounds ahead.  As champions for your schools, your students and the Union, we have much to get done. 

Round 1 will include getting out and getting the work done.  We as members need to reach out to the new members and the potential members by starting with our new teachers.  First Friend, Best Friend.

Round 2 is the time for our confidence to be high and ready to get some jabs in to inspire our members and potential members to step into the ring with us. It is time to have those one-on-one conversations and let them know that we intend to take this fight to the knock out round.  Share your stories, give that personal invitation and build your membership in your school. 

Round 3 is the time that we must let our members know that we are there for them.  Let them know that we must work together to get the job of the Union done.  We are all Champions at our schools but we cannot stand alone. Together we are stronger.  In the ring there is only one person fighting but the water boy, coach, and the fans make the win possible.  So let’s keep those dukes up and not allow for any unwanted change to affect our ability to teach the children, work with administration and grow the strength of the Union.   

Round 4 is the toughest round when the workload and the stress of our job start to weigh on the team.  It is most critical not to allow a left hook or a blow to the head to affect our team.  Keep those dukes up, block the blows by supporting your members and encouraging them to stand strong and believe in the job that we do.  Help guide them through the tough days and continue to have one-on-one conversations with the potential members.  Allow them to see that as we hit the final round we will get the KNOCK OUT that we need by increasing membership, bargaining for their rights, standing strong to keep our children safe and by always doing the best that we can for Public Education. 

KNOCK OUT by assuring that your building is at 50% or higher, that your members are informed, that you have your gloves up and that you are ready to take that final swing to say…,WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION, OUR STUDENTS AND OUR UNION!

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